There will be cake! Come celebrate a year of experimental music in industrial surrounds @ The Artifactory as NoizeMaschin turns one. We’ll try to have a CD compilation of tunes and images ready….

Also, bonus points to any artist that engages with the concept of ‘Paper’, what with this being the one year anniversary of Noizemaschin!! and all…

$10 entry for non-members and non-performers. Bar d’Factory drinks & earplugs available.


The Gizzards – Everyone’s favorite fuzzed out, circuit bent pop-rocker takes to the brand new Artifactory stage with cape and guitar in tow!

Andrew Nonlinear Circuits brings out his latest analogue synth/seq perversion in all its terrifying blinky-lightness!

Karl Ford – Noizemaschin!! welcomes back the master of contact mics and champion of the musical chainsaw!

Michael Terren – The man who does not look out of place on a surf board or an elven throne, and fresh from his support of international artist Bee Mask, Michael Terren makes strange electronic noises for your amusement!

Russell Clark – Multiple components of MIDI manipulation

Finnish Flood Myth – Friends of Noizemaschin!! from the very start, Finnish Flood Myth celebrate our birthday with laid-back hipster style (the good kind)

Jack Moriarty – The OpenGL aficionado has the first gig of his Noizemaschin!! residency and unveils the makings of his music chess set…

Sam Gillies – Dense soundscapes and manipulated samples possibly backed up with the validity of an actual score…

Dr Vellocet – More musical sacrifices from the good doctor