NoizeMaschin!! Residency #1

NoizeMaschin!! seeks all musicians and sound artists to apply for a three month residency at The Artifactory Hackerspace, designed to promote collaborative relationships between hackers and builders, and musical performers in Perth.

Artist receives:
* One Three month, full membership to the Artifactory
* Complete access to Artifactory’s equipment, all workshops offered (including Ardueno, circuit hacking, 3D printing, Wine and Design and so on) and the significant body of knowledge available in the Artifactory’s membership.
* 3 performance opportunities at The Artifactory’s monthly experimental music gig series “NoizeMaschin!!” over the three months.

* Degree to which the artists practice will utilise the Artifactory Hackerspace
* Originality of creative output
* Artistic Area of focus and its suitability for the Artifactory and NoizeMaschin!!
* Ability to contribute back to the hackerspace (body of knowledge, expertise, etc…)

Submit by Jan 31 (provisional):
* 1pg (max) outline of what your residency would involve (including musical style and how The Artifactory hackerspace would be used)
* 1pg (max) C.V. of prior, relevant artistic pursuits (performances, projects, releases, and so on)

Winner announced Feb 7 (provisional)

Sam Gillies
SKoT McDonald